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To: Central York School Board

Resignation of CYSD Board Members Guth & Gemma

We, the signees, call for the resignation of board members Vicki Guth and Veronica Gemma for racist statements made at a Central board meeting on Monday, August 10th, 2020.

Why is this important?

As board members, Guth & Gemma play a critical role in making decisions for the Central York School District. Given their racist statements, they cannot be deemed able to continue to serve on the school board. These statements make them unfit to serve & make decisions without bias against black people. Their decisions could actively harm black students both physically & systematically. They have already attempted to stop the implementation of curriculum that would cover the complexities of racism & tolerance. Black students should not have to endure such intolerance & racism when attending school. A statement made by the school district distancing themselves from these women is not enough. Listed below are a few of the major racist statements made by Guth and Gemma.

52:00 - “Gemma questioned whether students were being educated about the value of police officers — a group that has come under nationwide scrutiny after several Black Americans died in police custody.” - The York Dispatch

1:06 - “The references that were made in this committee about teaching tolerance talked about white privilege and white saviorism," Guth said. "So you can’t win. If you’re normal, you’re a white privilege. If you’re trying to change things, you’re doing it out of the savior mentality.”
Guth added that student(s) don't need to deal with those issues, and she was concerned that such topics are why students "want to be socialists" and are growing up in a generation that doesn't respect religious faith or the U.S. in general.” The York Dispatch

2:33 Gemma asks “Do we even have a problem?” when questioning the decision to change the social studies curriculum. - Board Meeting Video posted to York City Black Lives Matter Facebook Page

Gemma also stated that reverse racism is still racism. York Dispatch: “She later elaborated on her concerns, apparently referencing a recent comment made by a teacher during a diversity committee meeting, saying ‘reverse racism is still racism.’”

York Dispatch Article:

Board Meeting Footage:



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