To: Rep. Bradley Byrne (AL-1), Rep. Ken Buck (CO-4), Rep. Rob Woodall (GA-7), Rep. Doug Collins (GA-9), Rep. Tom Cole (OK-4), Rep. Michael Burgess (TX-26), Rep. Colin Allred (TX-32), Rep. Dan Newhouse (WA-4), and Rep. Liz Cheney (WY-)

@RulesReps: Let the House vote on ending U.S. role in Saudi war in Yemen

The House Rules Committee should allow the House to vote on U.S. participation in the Saudi war in Yemen.

Why is this important?

The House is now considering amendments to the Department of Defense Appropriation. The House Rules Committee [1] will decide which amendments will get House floor votes.

Five amendments have been submitted to the Rules Committee that would prohibit or limit U.S. military participation in the Saudi war in Yemen or would limit the transfer of weapons to the Saudi war in Yemen, including explicit prohibition of the refueling of Saudi and UAE planes bombing Yemen and prohibition of the transfer of cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia. [2]

Urge Republicans on the House Rules Committee to allow House votes on ending and limiting U.S. participation in the Saudi war in Yemen by signing our petition.