To: Debi Rose, City Council, James Oddo, Borough President, Michael Cusick (NY-63), Charles Fall (NY-61), Michael Reilly (NY-62), Diane Savino (NY-23), Andrew Lanza (NY-24), and Governor Andrew Cuomo

Save Graniteville Woods and Wetlands

Protect and preserve this natural area, and opposed the proposed South Avenue Retail project, the construction of BJ's and a gas station on the Graniteville “Swamp”/Salt Marsh and Forest, as well as to any other commercial use of that land.

Why is this important?

If the forests on the Eastern shoreline remained during Hurricane Sandy, they would have buffered the rising waters and perhaps there would not have been the kind of destruction we witnessed as well as the tragic loss of life. Proposed development of this land puts the surrounding community at risk of serious flooding, traffic, and pollution and endangers wildlife and makes economically vulnerable people responsible for picking up the pieces when harm is done.


Reasons for signing

  • simple... over development has a detrimental effect on quality of live for our families and nature in general. this borough needs more parks not through away consumable items.
  • Save the vernal wetlands.
  • Staten Island has enough developments. We need to keep the wetlands wetlands. The wildlife needs us to keep the wetlands wetlands.