To: Gene Seroka, Port of Los Angeles Executive Director

Save Ports O' Call Restaurant

We are asking the Port of Los Angeles to ensure the renewal of San Pedro's Iconic Ports O' Call restaurant in the new development of the new San Pedro Public Market.

Why is this important?

The Port of Los Angeles approved the San Pedro Waterfront Development Project-San Pedro Public Market Project in September 2009; and at the Final Environmental Impact Review and at public meetings the Port of Los Angeles repeatedly showed and stated that the Ports O’ Call Village Shops and Ports O’ Call Restaurant would temporarily be relocated during construction to another Ports O’ Call area until the new San Pedro Public Market was complete and they could move back; On March 2, 2016, at the San Pedro Warner Grand Theater, in the presence of Port of Los Angeles staff and project developer Eric Johnson, the development team publicly stated: “Our improvements are being constructed in two phases, so the current tenants, who will remain in the project, will be able to stay open throughout construction. We expect to complete this first phase by mid-2019.” and “We are fortunate to have existing successful tenants who we are counting on to be the backbone of our preleasing activity.” (See video 29:33 and 31:47 — ); The Port of LA is proceeding with eviction of the Ports O’ Call Village Shops and Ports O’ Call Restaurant without providing for relocation and return to the new Public Market.