To: Christine Lundberg, Mayor of Springfield Oregon

Save Seavey Loop and Mt. Pisgah

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We petition the City of Springfield to immediately abandon any plans to expand toward Seavey Loop and place an industrial zone near Mt. Pisgah.

Why is this important?

- The City of Springfield is planning to expand its urban growth boundary (UGB) and establish the “College View” industrial zone at Seavey Loop.
- Seavey Loop is the sole urban entrance to a nearly 5,000-acre greenbelt that is now one of the largest metropolitan parks on Earth.
- The proposed zone threatens the wells that supply water to over 700 families and farms because Seavey Loop is a floodplain where water moves in every direction above and below ground at different times of year.
- The plan threatens local food security amid severe climate change that has already begun disrupting food supply.
- The zone would generate noise and light pollution that would be disastrous for horse farms and cattle operations, cause severe harm to thriving agricultural businesses, and spoil the area for U-pick and on-farm sales.
- Even the most limited expansion toward Seavey Loop would threaten the public safety of residents by reducing the Goshen Fire District tax base.
- The plan is not economical or feasible, especially since the main landholders have announced they will not sell their land for industry.
- The plan would hinder critical connections with the Ridgeline Trail system and bicycle system that are essential for the sustainable future development of Lane County.
- The residents are united in steadfast opposition since they are fighting for their health, property and way of life.
- The plan is being pushed to benefit a few powerful special interests at extreme costs to 200,000 stakeholders who love Seavey Loop and Mt. Pisgah.
- The UGB expansion is based on an unrealistic projection of future industrial land demand, and is entirely unnecessary.
- Springfield should restart its UGB planning process employing local experts to prepare a realistic industrial land demand projection using appropriate methodologies.


Reasons for signing

  • Save the nature I knew as a child.
  • my family home since ninteen fifty six is on franklin you just can't take what belongs to us and expect us to be ok with this. The HUnter Family.
  • No industrial Zone near Mt Pisgah. It threatens the well supply.