To: The United States Senate

Save the Endangered Species Act! Oppose the Trump Extinction Plan

The Endangered Species Act is the most effective tool at fighting extinction. I am outraged that the Trump Administration has taken regulatory action to weaken it and am calling on my senators to pass legislation overriding this attack on conservation and wildlife.

Why is this important?

Donald Trump's Departments of Interior and Commerce have published drastic changes to the way they carry out the Endangered Species Act. Under these revisions, protecting endangered and threatened species and the wild places they rely upon will be much more difficult.

The Endangered Species Act is phenomenally successful. It has a 99 percent success rate at preventing the extinction of species in its care. But it only works if politicians stay out of the way.

Please add your name to tell the Senate to pass legislation instructing the Trump Administration to carry out the Endangered Species Act as written.


Reasons for signing

  • By decimating the Endangered Species Act, the continued destruction of threatened and endangered species will accelerate. In turn this is a large cog in the ongoing assault on planetary survival. The Trump extinction plan is not only cruel, it endangers the ecology and health of our planet, and therefore our very existence.
  • Environment needs immediate attention
  • Once again The trump administration (he does not deserve capitalized letters) demonstrates how ignorant they are.

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