To: Garside Homes

Save the Iwarimie Family from the Bottom-Feeders at Garside Homes!

Bottom-feeders, flippers, profiteers – whatever you want to call them, they represent the dark underbelly of the mortgage crisis. This is the Iwarimie family’s story about working hard, being led into predatory loans by unscrupulous lenders, and then becoming the victims of bullies from Garside Homes looking to profit from the Iwarimie family’s misfortune. Please stand with the Iwarimie family and sign this petition!

Why is this important?

In 2003, Ezekiel Iwarimie and his wife, Chioma, purchased their little piece of the “American Dream”– a home in the South Ward of Newark. Like many hard-working families trapped in inflated mortgages with predatory lending schemes the Iwarimies struggled, especially after Ezekiel lost his job as a social worker in 2009 and the family had to rely on Chioma’s income as a nurse.

Unfortunately, predatory lending practices also sprouted a new bottom feeder industry of profiteers. Last year Garside Homes bought the Iwarimie family’s loan from an online scratch and dent site at a huge discount. Garside knew the family had already gone into foreclosure, but they saw dollar signs and moved quickly to make a profit from Ezekiel’s misfortune.

The Iwarimies tried in good faith to negotiate a modification with Garside to save their home, but Garside refused. Instead, Garside sent two men to the home to threaten the family and demand that they turn over the original note to their home.

Now, Garside has scheduled a sheriff’s sale of the Iwarimie’s home in the South Ward of Newark. Garside paid pennies on the dollar for the Iwarimie’s home…now they’re demanding the family pay them $418,000 or they lose their home! Please stand with the Iwarimie family and sign this petition!


Reasons for signing

  • We bail out wall street and they learn nothing. It serves no one in a healthy society when houses are left vacant. We all win when we keep people in their homes!
  • Garside, you are scum that bubbled up from the antediluvian ooze! You aren't any different from a robber holding a gun to someone's head!
  • What kind of America do we live in?