To: Cyril E. King Airport/ Jose Nazario, General Manager

Save the Pet Flight Program!

Dear Friends

The Humane Society needs your help. Our Pets With Wings program is in trouble. American Airlines is considering ending the program due to a complaint from one passenger—yes, one passenger. Over the past two years, American has been responsible for getting over 150 animals to new homes, whether through adoptions by tourists or being sent to our sister rescues in the Boston area. That number translates into over 300 animals being saved—because for every one we get out, there is space for another. All of the animals we send to the mainland get adopted within five to ten days. These same animals have sat in our shelter here for months.

This program was something that American did for us locally approved by Puerto Rico. Since the complaint the corporate offices have gotten involved so the program is in jeopardy of being cancelled or limited to two per month.

Please write a letter to American Airlines Cyril King Airport St.
Thomas VI attn. Edward Morales Gen Manager

Please help us save our animals and enable them to get a second chance!!!

Why is this important?

American Airlines is threatening to ELIMINATE the pet travel program from the Virgin Islands...All because of ONE complaint! This program, started by the humane society, allows for pets to find homes on the mainland. This program HAS to remain open to prevent needless animal deaths. PLEASE SIGN, this will help animals find loving homes!