To: Rick Lint, Forest Supervisor, Vicki Christiansen, Chief of USDA Forest Service, Steve Salisbury, Off Highway Affairs, and Governor Henry McMaster

Save The Wambaw Cycle OHV Trails/Francis Marion National Forest From The Negative Impact Of A Sch...

Help stop the timber sale which will completely ruin the integrity of the North OHV Trail in the Francis Marion National Forest in Jamestown, South Carolina. Clearly the recreation staff failed to raise a red flag and did not consider the negative impact this will have on those who choose to recreate on and enjoy the natural beauty of the Wambaw Cycle (OHV) Trails.

Why is this important?

The USFS is having a timber sale (or possibly already has) and has already painted thousands of trees for removal which will negatively impact the recreation of OHV riders in the Francis Marion National Forest. It appears that this will negatively impact approximately 13 of the only 18 miles of the North Trails (or 76%+/-!). Please help stop this before it is too late! With over 250,000 acres, surely there are other areas that could be harvested rather than ruining a recreation site. A portion of the South section of trails was cut and destroyed last year, with many more painted trees pending more cutting and removal and has not been repaired, restored or replanted (if this is even planned). We do not want this to happen any more on any of these precious trails.


Reasons for signing

  • Stop the deforestation before it's too late!
  • Please harvest another area.
  • It would be a shame to see more public trails destroyed. Every year more public outdoor OHV areas are being closed and new ones are not opening.

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