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To: The Massachusetts State House, The Massachusetts State Senate, and Governor Charlie Baker

Save Youth Football MA

We would like to defeat bill HD-2501 proposed to the MA State Legislature while informing MA State leadership of the efforts of local leagues, administrators, coaches, and families to improve the safety of youth football.

Why is this important?

We would like to defeat HD-2501 recently introduced to the MA State Legislature. Here is the link to AD-2501:

We would additionally like to inform the state legislature about the advancements youth football makes each year in the area's of safety, coaches training, new equipment, styles of play, and rule changes. These advancements are largely overlooked by the recent crusade against the sport of football.

We acknowledge the risks, but want the choice to play or not to play left up to individual families while considering the safety advances of their local and regional organizations.


Reasons for signing

  • My son loves playing football. Besides not once has he gotten a concussion. If you ban football then you have to ban hockey and soccer
  • Both my sons played football since 8 either had concussion from football it’s about teaching proper technique
  • My son played Pop Warner from the age of 7. Never once did he suffer a concussion during his Pop Warner years. his first concussion was when he played Junior Varsity in high school. To not allow kids to play at a young age is obscured. The training that coaches go through is extensive. My husband is a head coach. Pop Warner is constantly making changes on stances and plays that are/are not allowed to help protect kids. To start kids around 8th grade level would not be smart. You are sending t...