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To: The U.S. Senate

Senate: Pass Gun Reforms Now

The Senate needs to take urgent action on gun violence—including reinstating the assault weapons ban.

Why is this important?

As President Joe Biden said, we need the Senate to pass impactful, commonsense gun laws—including reinstating the assault weapons ban—immediately. 

It's been more than a week since the massacre in Uvalde, Texas, and the Senate—hindered by the obstruction of Republicans in the pocket of the gun lobby—has still not acted on gun violence.  

Every day that goes by makes it less likely the Senate will act. The NRA, the gun lobby, and right-wing Republicans know this—and that's why they are happy to delay.

Congress has the ability to act quickly—both houses passed new laws regarding security for Supreme Court justices after the leaked draft showing that right-wing justices are prepared to overturn Roe v. Wade. Our senators and representatives took action on that measure immediately. 

Democrats in the House of Representatives have already passed gun laws and are working on new gun legislation. An astounding bipartisan supermajority of Americans favor more restrictions on guns to keep our children and communities safe. Democrats who advocate for gun laws have public opinion on their side—enough that they can push through meaningful, bipartisan legislation, even if it means reforming the filibuster so a minority of right-wing Republicans, beholden to the gun lobby, can't obstruct a vote.

A measure like the assault weapons ban would have a profound impact—and was supported by many Republicans before the Republican Congress let it lapse. 

We need our senators to move swiftly on this critical issue before Republicans and the gun lobby stop the momentum for change.


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