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Seymour CT Post Office violates federal accessibility rules

Please pledge to ensure Architectural Access is created at Seymour CT post office and all other Public Accommodations and State & Local Government buildings, facilities and parks, and intergrated in the mix of the general public i.e. parking, entrances, sidewalks, restrooms, aisles between tables and service counters

Why is this important?

Seymour's post office has failed since 1990 to provide reasonable access and accommodation to elderly and disabled unable to climb steps at its public entrance. It defiantly refuses to provide an access route to the ramp in the rear. It now requires us to telephone for appointments to obtain services outdoors on the sidewalk at the public entrance. The location of "sidewalk service" is unreasonable because it is a longer trek.


Reasons for signing

  • The post office near us is not handicap friendly either.
  • Disabled access is needed at almost usps buildings
  • In Hamilton, TX, the same problem exists. My elderly and disabled grandmother, as well as my father (who has since passed away) are and were, unable to access the local post office. Furthermore, my mother was told that curbside services were unavailable to our family because one member of the household (my mother) is able bodied. This is a shameful travesty.

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