To: Lee Palmateer, Athens Representative, Kevin Lewis, Greeneville Representative, Patrick S. Linger, New Baltimore Representative, Larry Gardner, Halcott, Lexington, Hunter Rep., Harry A. Lennon, Cairo Representative, William B. Lawrence, C...

Share a Jail - Don't Raise Taxes

We, the taxpayers and voters of Greene County urge our elected county representatives to please vote NO to bond $51.4 million on a new jail. Greene County needs to fully explore sharing a jail with Columbia County to prevent a massive debt burden for 30 years plus.

Why is this important?

URGENT!!!! Wednesday, May 16th the Greene County Legislative body will be voting to borrow $51.4 million to build a jail that we MAY NOT NEED!

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Reasons for signing

  • This plan is short-sighted. I want to see my tax dollars go towards alternative to incarceration programs, youth programs, mental health services, addiction services, anger management programs, etc. Also this plan is proposed on wetlands, which is foolish to try to build on for a number of reasons. Wetlands are incredibly important, acting as ecological sponges when there is rain and preventing flooding, soaking up much of the displaced water. Not to mention the incredible wildlife that wetla...
  • We can find better ways to create jobs in Greene County
  • No to a new jail. Save our taxes.

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