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To: President Biden

Sign Now: Support Biden’s decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan

Sign Now: Support Biden’s decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan

Thank you for making the decision to pull U.S. troops out of Afghanistan. We hope this decision is the beginning, not the end, of a total rethinking of the U.S. approach to conflict.

Why is this important?

President Biden is set to announce that he’s withdrawing all U.S. troops from Afghanistan. This is great news and a moment that wouldn’t have been possible without people like you pushing for an end to the status quo cycles of violence and endless wars.

President Biden has done what we’ve been asking for for YEARS — and now we need to show up, loudly and publicly, to let him know we agree with this decision. Why? Because the administration is already being attacked for this move and if we aren’t loud now, the Biden administration and future leaders will be less likely to take the bold action we need to truly end endless war.

Will you celebrate this decision and help create the space for more leaders to take bold steps to end endless wars by signing the thank you card for the Biden administration?


Reasons for signing

  • I signed because we need peace and not war...families have been separated for too long and so has this war....
  • The USA should not be in foreign countries polluting those countries with war machinery. More than 1 million children in Afghanistan do not have a dad due to the war deaths there. A prayer for the indigenous Afghanistan people. The Peace Corp is probably the only valid US deployment to foreign countries.


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