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Split the United States into Red & Blue

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Anthony Jagger
Split the United States into Red & Blue

Almost 1/2 of the people in the United States believe the 2020 election was stolen while the other half is certain that it was legit.

Republicans want to eliminate Abortion while Democrats want it to remain legal.

Democrats want assault weapons banned while Republicans want no restrictions.

Republicans want to Cut Social Security, Medicaid & Medicare while Democrats want to protect and expand these programs.

Republicans gave HUGE tax breaks to the rich causing the national debt to be increased by Trillions of Dollars.

Republicans want to balance the debt on the backs of the poor and middle class... Democrats want to tax the rich and make them pay their fair share so the National Debt can be balanced as it was when Bill Clinton was President.

The National debt is out of control because of opposing philosophies of trickle-up & trickle-down economics.

Republicans have passed Voter Obstruction laws Decreasing Drop-boxes, Decreasing Voting Machines in Urban areas, Limiting Polling locations / hours, Making it harder to Vote by Mail, Passed laws to overturn election results they don’t like and Making it a Crime to give people Food or Water.

During each election cycle, both sides hope they will prevail and force the other side to do what they want. President Obama undid what George W. Bush did… Trump undid what Obama did… Biden is undoing what Trump did.

The list of UN-yielding differences goes on and on, with no end or resolution in sight.

According to a new survey from the UVA Center For Politics, a 52% majority of Trump voters wants to form a new country while 41% of Biden voters feel the same way.

Albert Einstein once said; "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again & expecting different results".

Why is this important?

If you agree that we’ve reached an impasse and the next phase of the "American Experiment" should be for us to consider doing a "Brexit" whereby the United States is peacefully Split into Red & Blue countries, please sign this petition. This will show elected officials how American citizens feel about our current state of affairs.

Just having this national discussion could be constructive to see if our Union can be salvaged or if it's time to divide things up.


Reasons for signing

  • I live with 3 Trump supporters and I am tired of the BS that republicans tout about democrats are demonic evil drug users etc....... and on and on. I get tired of the "fake news" rhetoric especially and every time I pull up facts to contradict whatever lie Fox is propagating this week it always goes back to well Pelosi this and Clinton that. It's sickening.