To: NYC officials and agencies

Stand with Mahfar Tenants Coalition: Demand Safe, Lead-Free Homes

Urge city officials and agencies to strengthen enforcement and improve regulations surrounding Local Law 1 (NYC's Lead Law)!

Why is this important?

NYC is not effectively protecting tenants in buildings undergoing renovation!

Earlier this year, residents of 102 Norfolk St. were subjected to lead levels roughly 3,000 times the EPA-mandated limit. Now reports from the NYC Department of Health have verified that excessive lead levels exist at 210 Rivington, a second Samy Mahfar-owned building. All tenants, especially children, are put at risk in these buildings contaminated with toxic lead. Although this is occurring in buildings owned by this landlord, we believe that it's happening in thousands of occupied buildings undergoing grossly mismanaged construction throughout New York City.

Unsafe and negligent construction practices and lack of agency transparency must stop now. Safe and healthy housing is a human right!!!