To: Howard Schultz, CEO

Starbucks: Change from Plastic to Compostable

Switch from plastic to compostable drink cups and straws.

Why is this important?

There are thousands of Starbucks stores in the world, and every day, millions of people people buy cold drinks in plastic cups with plastic straws and throw them in the trash. This creates thousands of tons of plastic waste per year, contributing to our mounting global pollution and climate change problems - even when the plastic is recycled. I love my iced coffee drinks, and I would like to enjoy them without feeling guilty about waste!


Reasons for signing

  • We can only do so much as consumers - we need real action from businesses and government too. Think of the impact you could have Starbucks - do something to be proud of!
  • It’s 2019, Starbucks, come on.
  • Stirrers are an issue, too. They are all plastic... Companies need to be responsible for the material they distribute and use in their operations. Consumers cannot be the ones trying to find a solution for waste generated at the counter when purchasing a product. Companies have R&D teams to develop what they distribute. It's time to go back to the drawing board...