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To: State legislatures, prosecutors, local elected officials

Stop Attacks on Librarians

Support librarians! Don't prosecute librarians for providing access to "banned books." Join us in opposing censorship, protecting our history and communities, and saying no to book bans. Let librarians do their job freely and without fear.

Why is this important?

In several states across the country, including Indiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas, librarians are facing the threat of prosecution—and even jail—for the books they include on library shelves, thanks to Republican legislators passing new laws that ban books about gender, sexuality, race, and American history.

It comes as no surprise that these right-wing book banners are targeting books that teach accurate accounts of history accounts and books that amplify the voices and of Black, brown, Jewish, and LGBTQ+ authors. It's the GOP's latest tactic designed to eradicate conversations students have in the classroom around genocide, white supremacy, gender, and sexuality.

Librarians—who are devoted to promoting knowledge in free, egalitarian, inclusive settings—can be punished because of political interference that would restrict their freedom to do their job.

Fortunately, librarians and their allies are fighting back. In Arkansas, librarians are challenging this oppressive law. In Illinois, legislators passed a bill to ban book bans. And librarians in even the most conservative settings are sticking together and sticking their necks out against censorship and for the freedom to learn accurate history, the freedom to read, and the freedom of ideas.

State legislatures need to reject efforts to criminalize librarians and instead need to pass laws to protect their right to do their jobs. Prosecutors must refuse to prosecute librarians for displaying books that are under attack by censorious would-be banners. And all politicians should affirm the "Library Bill of Rights" as put forth by the American Library Association.

Let's empower librarians to be librarians! Show solidarity with librarians and libraries—and say no to censorship, book bans, intimidations, and unjust prosecutions. Support intellectual freedom and the invaluable contributions librarians make to our communities.



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