To: The Dominican Republic Government and Danilo Medina Sánchez, President

Stop Ethnic Cleansing of Haitians in The Dominican Republic

As concerned citizens, we call upon Dominican authorities to take all necessary steps to stop ethnic cleansing of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent and protect the rights of Dominicans of Haitian descent, whose citizenship has recently been stripped by the country's constitutional court. We want the Dominican government to reverse its racist and discriminatory ruling and to ensure that Dominicans of Haitian descent have access to government-issued identity documents that guarantee their access to education and health services and their universal human rights.

Why is this important?

I'm Haitian-American and have family living in the Dominican Republic who are affected by this ruling.

We want the world to know how unjust this is.


Reasons for signing

  • Peace Love and God
  • Dominican-Haitian people need documentation. Amend the constitution.
  • Those Spanish-speaking, wannabe white Dominicans are flooding every Caribbean island and augmenting their populations and nobody discriminates against them so why do they treat our Black Haitians so inhumanely? We MUST boycott the DR!!

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