To: California State House and Senate

Stop Fracking in California - Now and Forever

There are more than 31,000 fracking wells in California -- the "environmental state". Currently, Federal permits allow 9 billion gallons of wastewater from fracking wells to be dumped into the Pacific Ocean annually -- a criminal assault on our environment and on the health of our people. This is madness, and must be stopped. Join with me in stopping this tragic attack on California, the environment, and the health of our people.

Why is this important?

Recent data from longitudinal studies on capped fracking wells, and data from the Environmental Protection Agency show clearly that California is dangerously lacking in adequate short- and long-term management of these wells. The management cost to tax payers runs into the millions of dollars annually, and the oil and gas companies that drill the wells are not required to pay for any of it. There is no doubt that these wells are leaking potentially lethal chemicals into California's groundwater. Fracking must be stopped before the entire groundwater system in California is destroyed.