To: David Ryu, Council Person - 4th Council District, Luciralia Ibarra, and Shannon Ryan, Cultural Heritage Commission - City of Los Angeles

Stop Horizon Hollywood - Save the Historic Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist Building

We support the designation of the historic Fifth Christ Church located at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue as an important historic cultural monument because it is an outstanding example of mid-century modern architecture which is especially integral to the iconic architecture of historic Hollywood and, as a Church located on Hollywood Boulevard, a community that was founded as a utopian community with free sites provided for churches, it represents a community that was important historic and cultural aspect of this historic neighborhood of Hollywood.

We oppose rezoning the this land on which it is located from its current R-3 zoning to CR-4 and the development of a mixed commercial use 26 story skyscraper at this site.

Why is this important?

The owners of the Fifth Christ Church/Mosaic Church building located at 7107 Hollywood Boulevard (intersection of La Brea Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard) are seeking to demolish this historic building and rezone the plot in order to build a 26-story skyscraper containing 410 units plus extensive commercial space on the ground floor including a 940 vehicle commercial parking facility.

The proposed development would require a change in zoning from the current R-3 (medium residential) to Regional Center (C-4) permitting unlimited height, increased density and commercial development on this site. The intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue has been graded F on all current traffic studies which is the worst score that can be achieved. The intersection is jammed with normal traffic and often experiences gridlock because of the frequent closures of Hollywood Boulevard at La Brea Avenue and spillover during the Hollywood Bowl season.

The rezoning will have a domino impact, as developers along Hollywood Boulevard will use the rezoning of this plot as precedent to rezone their land for increased height and density. 

The City Planners of Los Angeles never intended to change the zoning of this site and indeed have kept it as a bulwark signaling a change from downtown Hollywood and the residential areas west of La Brea Avenue. Zoning of this site has remained medium residential in both manifestations of the Community Plan for Hollywood. The entire character of the neighborhood changes west of La Brea Avenue including Hollywood Boulevard itself, which is a two-lane road between La Brea Avenue and Fairfax Avenue. 

Not only would the proposed development have a profound negative impact on the quality of life in our neighborhood, the congestion creates a public safety issue that will dangerously increase emergency response time in our neighborhood. The increased noise from the commercial establishments and a large pedestrian plaza designed to bring non-residential foot traffic will completely alter the character of our neighborhood.

(1) It will set a dangerous precedent for increased density and commercial development all along Hollywood Boulevard west of La Brea Avenue;


(2) It will paralyze the area with traffic congestion and lengthen emergency response times for medical, fire and police responders;

(3) It will draw tourists, noise, pollution, and crime from the Hollywood Business District; 

(4) It will deprive the neighborhood of a culturally significant building and civic function.