To: US Department of Housing and Urban Development

STOP HUD from disclosing Personal Identifying Information(PII)

HUD's Vacant Loan Sales disclose PII of deceased borrowers in a data room to qualified bidders, while HUD has also lowered the standards to become a qualified bidder.

Why is this important?

The potential for fraud & identity theft is great. HUD's disclosure of this information is illegal.

Link to HUD's Confidentiality Agreement:


"HUD has determined to permit the Reviewer to review and inspect certain documents, databases containing imaged documents, personally identifiable information, data and other information relating to the Mortgage Loans"

"Currently, FHA’s platform is built on a more than 40-year-old mainframe system that runs an obsolete programming language. The risk that this presents to FHA and, by extension, to the American taxpayer, is significant. Not only is FHA’s current IT system outdated—it is unreliable."

Does the above statement from HUD keep anyone up at night?

"A former employee committed identity theft to create phony HUD pay stubs and identification cards. He used the identities to create credit and to order expensive electronics, which he would sell online from his HUD computer."

Need I say more?

Reasons for signing

  • The potential for fraud & identity theft is great. HUD's disclosure of this information is illegal
  • This is despicable for them to take advantage of people. They need to be stopped immediately.
  • I've had my identity stolen. These databases should not be public. This presents great risk to individuals whose data is stored and shared in this manner.

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