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To: Gov Newsom, State Legislators and CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife

Stop Killing our Mountain Lions

Stop Killing our Mountain Lions

Enjoin any further “depredation” permits on California Mountain Lions and set new rules (or pass law) prohibiting any killing of Mountain Lions except where there is an imminent threat to human life. Set aside funds to compensate livestock owners for predation losses and for any cougar relocation deemed appropriate.

Why is this important?

Last week, the Cal Dept of Fish & Game allowed a livestock owner to kill a collared and protected California Mountain Lion known as P-56 because the cougar had been eating some of his livestock. The killing occurred within or near the boundary of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation area. Mountain Lions are rare, endangered and far more important to Southern California’s wild areas and ecosystems than livestock. The killing of P-56 leaves only one breeding age male in the entire Santa Monica Mountains range. We can pay someone for a lost sheep. We cannot buy a new Mountain Lion. At a time when we are contemplating spending millions on a migratory bridge for cougars, it is senseless to kill them for doing what they do — prey on other animals for food. Their habitat is dwindling and their populations are at at all time lows. And they are beautiful, majestic creatures who give a sense of wilderness to this important urban park here in Southern California. Killing them for someone’s convenience is shameful and a crime against nature. In the long run, it will cost far less money just to pay for the lost livestock or take other non-lethal action. We can do this!


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