To: President Donald Trump

STOP NOAA from rubber-stamping US Military requests!

NOAA is supposed to protect wildlife! A 33,500,000 (yes 33 and a half million)marine kill or harm rate in 5 years is outrageous and does not even include destruction of the coral reef and all the land wildlife. But that is what NOAA is willing to allow the US Military to do in its plans to turn 2 inhabited islands (Tinian & Pagan) into live-fire training sites: aerial bombing, amphibious landings, underwater detonations, sonar training, etc.

Why is this important?

Using inhabited islands for live-fire (bombing) training is in itself a violation of human decency. To approve lip service only to protecting all forms of wildlife on or around those islands is grossly negligent and should be considered criminal - NOT acceptable. But what the US military wants NOAA approves. Our islands are special, all of our species of wildlife and coral are special, some are endangered now. ALL will be endangered by the US Military if they are allowed to proceed with such an outrageous plan. We only have until Aug 4, 2015 to make our opinions known.


Reasons for signing

  • I love Tinian. There is my second home town.
  • 大切なè‡ÂªÃ§„¶ã‚’守りたい。
  • NO bomb in Tinian and Pagan!!!

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