To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Stop poisoning our planet and Humanity with Chemtrails

We have got enough of project Haarp.

Stop Chemtrails all over the world.

Stop poisoning the air of our planet and Humanity.

Stop those creasy crimes against Humanity.

UN Speaker Proves Chemtrail Deniers are Liars. Says Chemtrails are Real. Skies filled. A UN speaker admitted during an assembly that Chemtrails are Real and are being sprayed from planes. She speaks about weather modification.

Chemtrails finally proven by whistleblower

Why is this important?

As we have got enough of project Haarp, that destroy the planet and Humanity, then we must stop Chemtrails all over the world.


Reasons for signing

  • Because people need to know that what we are seeing in the air is not natural and modifying the weather for any reason is not safe and is actually harmful. This is the only Earth we have we should fight to keep it liveable for all of us.
  • If the evidence was brought in front of a court would be overwhelming and a comviction would insue . Stop Geo engineering until.sciemce and the people out side of the established politic reviews and decides what is best for our future!!
  • Stop killing us all