To: York City School Board

Stop the Corporate Takeover of York City Schools

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who call upon the York City School Board and the Governor of Pennsylvania to maintain local control of our schools and to stop the proposed conversion of any or all schools in York City to charter schools. We oppose any action that hands control of our school district to one or more for-profit managing corporations.

Why is this important?

Charter corporations are competing to take over York City schools and profit from our kids. If that happens, our tax dollars will go to a private corporation to run our schools without the same oversight or accountability we now have. Charter CEOs will make a killing, but you will lose your say in how neighborhood schools are run. Local taxpayers and elected officials should be making decisions about our children's education. Help us stop the corporate takeover of York City schools!


Reasons for signing

  • As a retired public school teacher of 31 years in PA and a citizen, it is imperative to maintain local control! Many charter schools have not shown necessary accomplishments in academic achievement!
  • Stop profiting off our children and our tax dollars.
  • Charter schools are NOT public schools, plain and simple. There is absolutely NO data to back up their successes that any other truly PUBLIC school could use (truly public schools must accept ALL students no matter what). There are NO examples of e=where an all charter district has had any true success....New Orleans? Absolutely not! Waukegon, WI? Absolutely NOT! NO successes anywhere. York will be no different.