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To: Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

Stop the Florida Bear Hunt

Florida bear hunts ended for 2019.

Save our Florida bears, stop the Florida Bear Hunt.

Why is this important?

We need to act now to stop the bear hunt in 2016. FWC is looking at four different options for Florida's bears: Hold this year's hunt with the same rules as last year; stage a more limited hunt in October with additional restrictions on hunters; postpone this year's hunt but reconsider it next year; and end bear hunting in Florida altogether.

I will be at their hearing on Wednesday to speak up for our bears, and I ask you to join me. Please add your comment and I will share it with the FWC.


Reasons for signing

  • preserve all animals !
  • RrUDh1 check link
  • Stop abusing ! Dey r not anyone's property to b owned


2020-02-06 10:29:17 -0500

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