To: President Donald Trump, The Arizona State House, The Arizona State Senate, Governor Doug Ducey, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Stop the Judgement of Chronic Pain Patients

Chronic Pain Patients have severe, ongoing pain, that won't go away, with no chance of relief, except for strong medications. But, now, "The War on Drugs," doesn't just go after the drug cartels and illegal drug smugglers and abusers, they are focusing on real patients, with chronic pain, suffering terribly, yet are now thought as drug abusers.

Why is this important?

There are 100+ million chronic pain patients, who are now considered a part of the "War on Drugs." This war should only concentrate on the cartels, drug smugglers and abusers. Not real patients with real, intense pain, with no hope for any relief but the medications, our doctors prescribe. Sometimes medications which are opiates, the last hope in relieving our pain. We are forced to take these because everything else, we've tried, has worked. We don't sell our precious pain medications, because we need them for our intense pain. So we can cook, clean our homes, take care of families, etc. Our pain is such that it not only is extremely painful, like cancer patients feel, but it is exhausting, debilitating and causing most of us just to lie in bed in pain. Yet, people who don't suffer or have anyone, in their lives, who are suffering are making impossible for us to get any relief. They simply don't know what the pain, chronic pain patients are feeling. The DEA isn't just concentrating on the ones who abuse and make money from these opiates, no, they are also harming us! They are oppressing our doctors, pharmacies and honest manufacturers, as well, making them from helping us. So much so, most doctors won't treat us, anymore, or they just disappear, on us.
We are NOT drug abusers, we don't sell our precious medications, which gives us relief from our intense pain, which we need to live our daily lives. Most of all, we don't get "highs" from these medications, for it is going directly to the pain sites. Unlike drug abusers, using drugs for recreation or sell them for profits. Please stop treating us as if we are.
Our doctors carefully monitor our prescriptions, as well as the pharmacies. Our insurances, such as my disability insurance, cover these necessary medications, as well, so they are monitoring us, too.
Stop the DEA from oppressing us, our doctors, pharmacies and honest drug manufacturers, but focus on the abusers! PLEASE HELP US, enjoy life too, even though our chronic, intense pain won't ever go away, but at least makes us more human.
We are part of the "We the People," we want the "Liberty and Justice for All," too. But, we are treated less than animals, who get more humane treatments, than chronic pain patients. We didn't ask to be this way, we are sick because of hereditary, the jobs and the services we were part of, from exposure to asbestos and other harmful substances, we didn't know were affecting our health. Some suffer from accidents, the wars, from bad surgeries, too.
I suffer from scoliosis of the spine, I was born with, which is now affecting my entire half of my body. I also have been diagnosed, for many years, with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and Crest Syndrome, diseases that will eventually affect all my organs, such as my heart. I have a leaky valve, as well. Eventually, I will die, not a long life, but at least having a less painful life, if I can continue with my medications. I am, also, trying to care for my ex-husband, who is destitute and blind, with no one else to care for him. My income is too low for two people. I can't afford to go to a pain clinic, which is four hours from my home, also because it is too painful. I can't find a doctor, nearby who will help me, because of the DEA. This is also the problem for all chronic pain patients, all over the U.S.A! We write about our conditions and troubles, in finding help, for us. If all the non-sufferers would take the time to find "Chronic Pain Patients" on the Internet and read our stories, maybe then, with the knowledge they gain, they will understand our situations and our suffering.
Please, help us keep our precious medications, so we can enjoy, at least, reading a book, seeing family and friends, without pain. Please, give our lives back.
We are NOT Drug abusers.