To: Principal Wright, School Board Members, President Blades, and Superintendent Montange

Stop the vote/recommendation for random drug testing in Plainwell Community Schools

We ask that you halt the vote and stop any recommendation to approve this random drug testing policy on December 2. We ask that the School Board and Administration over the next month moving into the New Year work with us to collaboratively make plans that encompass:
• Increased collaborative communication
• Deepened collaborative relationships between schools, parents/guardians and students
• Increased Education for parents/guardians, board members, educators, administrators, and students
• Trauma-Informed practices
• Studying best practices around decreased youth substance use in schools
• Developmentally appropriate curriculum about substance abuse and the impacts on short- and long-term health
• Decreased unintended consequences
• Cultural Relevancy

Why is this important?

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not support random drug testing in schools. We are encouraged to see the Google document shared by Principal Wright. We look forward to working together to fulfill and expand upon the present and future work listed. We ALL care about our children/students and we are on the same team. It is time we start working together as such.


Reasons for signing

  • Fascist! Tyrants! Traitors to the Constitution! Lets make sure that the individuals who voted for this never get elected again.!
  • This seems punish kids that are top students, i.e. sports, Natl. Honor Society, while leaving the masses untouched.
  • Police State not recommended.

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