To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Stop the War on Wolves

Wolves are being killed in western states because of an irresponsible and mean spirited rider attached to the budget bill.
These wolves belong to all Americans, not just ranchers and elk hunters. They also belong to this and all future generations. The killing of livestock by wolves was being adequately handled when the wolves were on the Endangered Species list. Killing wolves because humans are to greedy to share game like elk with other predators is not acceptable to most Americans. Allowing individual states to decide whether or not a species should be driven to near extinction in that state is irresponsible government.
We want President Obama to issue an executive order that requires his administration to do everything it can to prevent the killing of wolves.
We want the Congress to pass new legislation solely dedicated to putting the wolves back on the Endangered Species List.

Why is this important?

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar using the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has removed the grey wolves in Wyoming from the endangered species list. The wolves in Idaho were delisted earlier which led to the state of Idaho authorizing the killing of almost all the wolves in Idaho by setting no limit on the number of kills. Three hundred and seventy wolves have been killed in Idaho so far out of 1000 wolves. The state of Wyoming has plans to kill almost all the wolves in Wyoming. Hunters will be able to kill the wolves on sight in 85% of the state.


Reasons for signing

  • It is your duty to represent your Consitutents while passing bills. This is more than just a bill to many people, it is a senseless act of war on animals that our county has been cruel to with every opportunity we are given. This is your chance to fix the mistakes of our past. We eliminated almost the entire population of wolves before. If we make this horrible decision again we are not getting a second chance. So do you job and represent the people who picked you to protect them and their home.
  • Wolves are a critical species to the health of Western ecosystems. Don't let this iconic species become exterminated-against the will of the majority who want them alive and thriving-because of the interests of trophy hunters and (the unprogressive, unwilling to adapt) ranchers.
  • love wolves