To: Contra Costa Board of Supervisors and John Gioia, Supervisor

Bond Measure Support for El Sobrante Urban Park & Restoration

If a bond measure was placed on the ballot, I would be in support of such a measure to develop and maintain the Mowery Community Park & Cafe, and if the added property taxes would be less than $100 a year for a maximum of 5 years.

Why is this important?

The bond measure helps create an urban park for community activities and events. The plan includes a Cafe in a restored old Arco station along San Pablo Dam Road to help fund maintenance and adds security, a gardener, a fence containing two locking gates, an elevated boardwalk to prevent direct access to the creek and protect a restored habitat and improved water quality. This property provides the only point of connection for the public from the road to a future boardwalk along the creek extending to Wildcat Canyon Trail and gives cyclists a safer route from 30,000 racing vehicles daily along San Pablo Dam Rd with no bike lanes. The project improves livability and jumpstarts a revitalization for downtown El Sobrante.


Reasons for signing

  • Great idea! El Sob resident of 2 years and we desperately need development in that area. I would love a place to meet my neighbors!
  • A wonderful opportunity to bring our community together.
  • Supporting our local projects through bonds is a way to give to our community in a straightforward way.

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