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Support the Green New Deal

Urge our Representatives in Congress to support the House Resolution for a Green New Deal.

Why is this important?

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Since Roosevelt's New Deal transformed our nation progressively, forces on the right have organized to undermine and take over control of our country, (please see the Powell Memo, commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce). This take-over by the multi-national corporations and the fossil-fuel industry for the benefit of the Oligarchs who control them has permeated nearly all the structures and institutions of our society. These forces have unleashed powerful mechanisms to control our belief systems in order to maintain their continuous and uninterrupted exploitation of humankind. This has taken us to the brink of a mass extinction... it's coming unless we act and do so today. The Green New Deal offers us a roadmap to take back our ownership of our nation and heal the planet. We urge you to work relentlessly on its behalf and on behalf of us all.