To: President Donald Trump and Governor Tom Wolf

Taking Your Messages to Paris

President Obama, I asked people to write messages on fracking and climate change they'd like me to bring to Paris. Here's what they wrote.

Why is this important?

This isn't your typical petition with the option to add a message. This is all about the message, your message to President Obama. I'll be heading to Paris for COP 21 in a few days. I'd like to take with me your messages to President Obama on fracking and climate change. I can't promise that I'll be able to use them all in actions while I'm there, but I'll do my best and will definitely make sure that they are delivered electronically to him and to PA Governor Wolf.


Reasons for signing

  • take it back!
  • There are way too many environmental & health impacts related to fracking for us to reasonably consider it a lasting responsible resource for energy.
  • You can't drink money!!;)$&);:;)$$$

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