To: President Donald Trump, The New Jersey State House, The New Jersey State Senate, Governor Phil Murphy, Rep. Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5), The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Tea Party Republicans: Stop holding the country hostage!

From the government shutdown to the debt ceiling, Tea Party Republicans have wreaked enough havoc on our country. Stop holding the country hostage to further your political gains; vote on a clean budget resolution and raise the debt ceiling without demanding cuts to Social Security, Obamacare, or any other vital programs.

Why is this important?

My niece works for the national parks and she has three children ( 4-month old twins and a two year old); they need to be fed and so does she. How is she going to buy food and pay her mortgage?

I know you all are not having economic change, because we are paying your salaries with our money. Are you not ashamed?

Please forget that you do not like President Obama and be patriotic, for the people. We want the Obamacare (as you Republicans call it)!

Reasons for signing

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