To: Xavier Becerra, California Attorney General

Tell CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra: Investigate Exxon

Please join the investigation into Exxon's potential climate fraud. New York and Massachusetts Attorneys General are leading the effort to uncover what Exxon knew, and California has a unique opportunity to play a leading role in this effort.

Why is this important?

Exxon has known for decades that burning fossil fuels causes climate change. Yet instead of acting on their own research, they misled shareholders and funded climate change denial. All the while, Exxon kept drilling and selling the product that they knew was driving the world closer to disaster.

Several states have launched investigations into Exxon's deception, and as you can imagine, Exxon is fighting back with all they've got to derail these investigations. With such powerful foes, it takes resources and strong alliances to fight back.

California has the resources to aid in the investigations, but so far Attorney General Xavier Becerra hasn't publicly committed to join. We need to change that.

Tell Attorney General Becerra: Join the investigation into Exxon's possible climate fraud.