To: Jose Felix Diaz, Representative, Jeanette Nuñez, Representative, Carlos Trujillo, Representative, Larry Metz, Representative, Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, State Senator, Anitere Flores, State Senator, and Rene Garcia, State Senator

Tell Florida Lawmakers: Reject Legislation Inspired by Donald Trump's Racism

Republicans in the Florida Legislature are working to enact anti-immigrant legislation inspired by Donald Trump's racist and hateful rhetoric. These proposals would spread fear and xenophobia, and do not make communities or cities across Florida any safer. Tell Florida Republicans to reject Trump inspired legislation that further criminalizes immigrant communities.

Why is this important?

Donald Trump's racism and bigotry is being welcomed with open arms by Florida Republicans.

Right now, Republican legislators are trying to enact two pieces of legislation inspired by Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric - further spreading fear and xenophobia across Florida.

Both of these proposals are nothing more than attacks on immigrant families, and would place undue burden on local governments, school districts, and law enforcement across the state of Florida.

One of the proposals, sponsored by Republican Representative Carlos Trujillo of Miami, would charge immigrants with a third-degree felony if they violate a deportation order. The second proposal, sponsored by Republican Representative Larry Metz of Yalaha, would fine local government, law enforcement and school personnel who do not report undocumented immigrants.

I am sick and tired of politicians attacking immigrant communities!

Neither of these bills seek to find a common sense solution to address our nation’s broken immigration system, and would only undermine the trust between immigrant communities and local law enforcement.

An editorial from the Tampa Bay Times recently called these proposals “burdensome” and told the Florida Legislature that immigration policy “should be addressed by Washington,” not Tallahasse.

Florida politicians should not get a free pass as they attack immigrant communities.

Please join me and tell Florida Legislators to reject anti-immigrant legislation inspired by Donald Trump.


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  • I feel fucking scammed into making that call to a Senator(Rubio) who is a supporter of 45 and his racist fucking platform. It's because of those POS muthafuckas innocent people of color are getting targeted by cowardly white mass shooters.I'm from NYC where we are not anti-immigrant. No one in this racially biased government has ever addressed the police brutality & killing of unarmed Black people around this fucked up country. Don't send me another fucking text message until the government c...
  • Racism is WRONG!