To: Sundar Pichai, Google CEO

Tell Google to fire racist, xenophobic Trump ally Miles Taylor

Google CEO Sundar Pichai—

Hiring Miles Taylor, one of the Trump Administration’s top defenders of the Muslim Ban and an advocate for separating children from their families, was a slap in the face to all affected by the hateful executive order.

As Muslims, allies, or simply ordinary people committed to justice in the face of this administration’s racist and anti-immigrant agenda we demand that you #FireTaylor immediately—replacing him with an individual whose resume upholds the value of belonging and safety to all people who reside in this country.

Why is this important?

Buzzfeed is reporting that Google hired Miles Taylor, a top political champion of Trump’s racist Muslim Ban and a key player in the caging of children at the southern border.

Google’s idea of a good position for this former Trump ally from the Department of Homeland Security—”Head of National Security Policy.”1

This couldn’t have happened at a worse time for Google—Taylor’s former co-workers are facing massive blow-back for their anti-immigrant careers and the shameful attempts to redeem themselves. Google is trying to pretend like everything is fine, but with your help, we can make sure Miles Taylor’s bigoted resume doesn’t go unnoticed.

Together, let’s make this as easy as possible for the tech-giant with one massive public outcry:

#HeyGoogle: Fire Miles Taylor. #NoSoftLanding and no casual comebacks Trump Administration monsters.

It gets worse the closer you look.

Miles Taylor’s exact position in the Trump White House? He was Chief of Staff to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen—the cabinet official who oversaw the execution of the Muslim Ban, filled concentration camps with children, and separated countless families. More than that, he often acted as a spokesman for Trump’s Muslim Ban, speaking on its behalf to outlets ranging from NPR to the New York Times.2

Back when the Muslim Ban was being put into place, Google appeared to take a clear stand against the racist ban. CEO, Sundar Pichai, tweeted “Google is with you” to the people affected by the Muslim Ban3, and Google cofounder Sergey Brin attended one of the airport protests that erupted that week.4

By giving a cushy lobbying gig to one of the Trump administration’s go-to advocates of the Muslim Ban Google has made it exceedingly clear that they are not with people affected by the Muslim Ban, or the tens of thousands who have taken action against it.

It’s time to tell Google: Fire Miles Taylor and make it clear you don’t hire people whose job it was to implement policies that brought immense fear and chaos to Muslim and immigrant communities.

That’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news: the deck is stacked in our favor and we can win this.

We’re already seeing massive outrage online. Google workers, immigrant community advocates, and Google consumers are not having it. Given that the company has refused to comment thus far, they know it looks bad.

Taylor’s old boss is facing massive national scorn and is at the center of an ongoing #NoSoftLanding campaign, led by a collection of groups including our friends at CREDO, to boycott the Fortune Magazine Most Powerful Women Summit for including her as a speaker—attendees ranging from dream hampton to Brandi Carlile to Hillary Clinton have decided to opt out of the event already.5

Google knows there’s no statement they can make this better—it seems they’re just hoping for the story to be swept under the rug with the rest of the terrible news.

We’re not going to let them do that.

Let’s make this open letter to Google a place that everyone who won’t stand for the rehabilitation of Trump Administration monsters can focus and grow our call:

Google: #NoSoftLanding. #FireTaylor.

1. "A Top DHS Staffer Who Defended The Muslim Travel Ban Now Works At Google,” BuzzFeed News, 21 Oct 2019.
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  • As qualified as this person may be for his position, it's extremely disappointing to discover that Google would sideline such important ethical considerations in their hiring policy's. There may have been a time when such occurrences could be swept under the rug moving on with "business as usual." But those days are long gone as we can all see now. Unless Mr Pichai can come up with a good public explanation as to his acquiescence and tolerance of such people at his company, his silence will ...
  • Allāhu Akbar! Fire the unbeliever without cause! Orange man BAD !
  • First do no evil. Yes, we remember!