To: Governor Gavin Newsom

Tell Governor Jerry Brown To Keep the California National Guard Out of Donald Trump's Deportation...

Donald Trump wants to send the National Guard to the border. But this can't happen without the approval of border-state governors like Jerry Brown. We demand that Governor Jerry Brown keeps our state's National Guard out of Donald Trump's Deportation Force.

Why is this important?

The Trump administration has announced that it will be sending National Guard troops to the border, even though crossings are at a 50-year low. There are already so many Border Patrol agents there that each agent makes an average of two arrests per month.

Trump's plan includes states like California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas; as well as states adjacent to border states, like Oregon, Nevada, Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah, and Louisiana.

Governors have the final approval on National Guard deployments. This means Donald Trump's plan won't work without the support of governors.

So if we want to stop the systematic removal of millions of aspiring Americans from the United States by the National Guard, we need to make sure governors in the targeted states hear from their constituents.

Please join with me and demand that Governor Jerry Brown does not authorize the California National Guard to join Donald Trump's Deportation Force.