To: Governor Kate Brown

Tell Kate Brown to Speak Out Against Jordan Cove Now!

Governor Brown claims to be a "Progressive Champion" yet she remains silent on this Fracked Gas Pipeline and Export Terminal. Tell Kate Brown you can't be a progressive champion and remain silent on Jordan Cove.

Why is this important?

Governor Brown's reelection website says she is "Oregon's Progressive Champion" and "She is standing up to anyone who would take our rights away, threaten our access to affordable health care, or pollute our air and water" yet she refuses to oppose the Jordan Cove Fracked Gas Pipeline.
This proposed pipeline and export terminal would become one of the largest polluters in Oregon, use eminent domain to take property rights from private land owners so a Canadian company could sell cheap fracked gas to Asian markets, disturb Native American territories and burial grounds, endanger 400 waterways, estuaries, and salmon habitat. And that's the best case scenario; if there are accidents or mishaps which are the rule not the exception with pipelines, the damage could be catastrophic. The Democratic Party of Oregon's platform already says it is a legislative priority to keep this fracked gas pipeline from being built, yet our Democratic governor refuses to stand with her Party on this issue. Governor Brown, will you stand up for the rights of Native Americans and the health of our environment for current and future generations?
Learn more about Jordan Cove Fracked Gas LNG Pipeline and Export Terminal here:


Reasons for signing

  • No LNG facility. No pipelines. No fracking. #keepitintheground. Protect our coast, water, environment and way of life.
  • Our planet needs us to stop fracking & start solar, wind & thermal
  • This project will do little positive for the amazing jewel that is Oregon: economy, environment, rights of people.

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