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Tell @NBCNews, @deborahturness: Send Your Reporter Back to #Gaza

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NBC News should reinstate Ayman Mohyeldin as a correspondent based in Gaza, and publicly explain its decision to remove Mohyeldin from its Gaza reporting.

Why is this important?

As Glenn Greenwald reported at The Intercept on July 17 [1], Ayman Mohyeldin, the NBC News correspondent who has received widespread praise [2] for his brave coverage of the Israel/Palestine conflict, was told by NBC executives to leave Gaza. NBC executives claimed the decision was motivated by “security concerns.” But then NBC sent another correspondent into Gaza to cover the ongoing Israeli assault.

Jordan Chariton reported at MediaBistro [3] that the NBC News decision to remove Ayman Mohyeldin from the story angered NBC News staffers. Michael Calderone at Huffington Post noted speculation that NBC News pulled Mohyeldin because of a tweet critical of the State Department. [4]

Urge NBC News to reinstate Ayman Mohyeldin as a correspondent in Gaza and publicly explain its decision to remove him from reporting on Gaza by signing our petition.

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