To: Kathryn D. Sullivan, NOAA Acting Director, President Donald Trump, Rep. Jared Huffman (CA-2), and Rep. Grace Meng (NY-6)

Tell NOAA- NO to Shark Fins! Support Congressman Huffman's campaign to save sharks.

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Our US Fisheries managers are attempting to undermine state shark fin bans and relax US shark finning regulations currently in place by adding language that will weakens US shark conservation regulations.
Support our representatives saying NO! to NOAA's efforts to add pre emptive language weakening shark and fisheries protection.

Why is this important?

We have worked hard to protect US sharks from overfishing and sharks threatened with extinction posed by the shark fin trade..

US fisheries managers should manage our shark populations, not succumb to pressure by shark fishers and the shark fin trade. State shark fin trade laws do not interfere with the Magnusen Stevens Act.
We support Congresspersons Jared Huffman, Grace Meng and 62 other representatives from both parties insisting that NOAA must remove the language weakening the Shark Conservation Act and State's rights to protect sharks.