To: President Donald Trump

Tell President Obama to Ban the Box

Dear President Barack Obama,

I am writing to urge you to issue an executive order implementing a Ban the Box policy--prohibiting asking about an applicant’s prior convictions--for all federal government employers and contractors. "Ban the Box" is already on the books in 19 other states.

Banning the box is a direct way to address the destructive discrimination that formerly convicted job seekers face. Ban the Box policies still allow a criminal background check for qualified applicants later in the hiring process. These reforms are critical to reducing the Black unemployment rate, strengthening our economy, and meeting the state's goal of significantly reducing recidivism and prison overcrowding over the long term.

All citizens will benefit when people with past convictions are no longer shut out of jobs and can financially support their families and contribute to the economy. Though this policy has support in many states, it is critical to push for all employers to Ban the Box. I urge you to set the tone by implementing this essential reform at the federal level. "Ban the Box" and remove unfair barriers to reentry immediately.

Why is this important?

Currently, 19 states have passed laws or enacted policy to provide a fair chance at employment for formerly incarcerated job seekers. The President has said he wants to implement federal-level reform in the criminal justice system during his last days in office. Hearing from you can help move him to action.