To: Leah Busque, Founder/CEO

Tell to switch back to a bidding/quick assign format and its app used to be an awesome platform for getting/hiring others to do a variety of tasks and for finding one-time jobs doing tasks for others...until the company changed its entire system last week, doing away with the bidding and posting of quick assignment tasks. This new format is unfavorable for workers and task posters, resulting in a complete halt of work and completion of tasks for the vast majority of workers and posters. Stop putting forth deceiving messages in the media regarding the popularity of this change, stop deleting comments from users of your taskers and posters, listen to your taskers and posters (without whom you would not have profited $38 million in 5 years), and change things back to the previous bidding/quick assignment format.

Why is this important?

In the past week, thousands of people have seen their income come to a complete halt or be significantly reduced by this change, a change forced on the workers without their input. The ability of workers to choose what jobs they accept and where and when they work embodied the brilliance and appeal of this employment platform, and that is all gone due to these changes.


Reasons for signing

  • Hello, We are a new group of people who just got introduced to this wonderful community TaskRabbit created, but as I understand also destroyed with their new update. It sucks to see that they were doing great, but now everyone seems to be unhappy with them. We're trying to find a solution to this problem because we actually believe TaskRabbit was on a positive path, and that there's potential here. Please e-mail me, about your comments/suggestions on how a platform like ...
  • TaskRabbit has become absolutely awful. They consistently say it's "your business" but as taskers we have absolutely no control over our tasks. I have been doing this for nearly 3 years now, I've done over 100 tasks and have excellent ratings. I use to receive regular work, enough to supplement my income. I work a full job during the week and was told that the new platform is designed for people that do TaskRabbit full-time now. I only get 1 or two tasks a month which is ridiculous.
  • I won't use TaskRabbit again. The user experience is awful. There are way more that 4 different kinds of tasks out there and their decision to pigeonhole each task into cleaning, handiwork, moving, and errands is moronic. For example, moving 1 piano and moving 1 bag of clothes are two different levels of service that should receive different monetary values as a result. Here's to hoping the old TaskRabbit system returns!