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To: Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Tell Texas Governor Greg Abbott to resign!

Right now, thousands of families are scrambling to find the formula their babies need to survive. But instead of working to fix the problem, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (no relation to Abbott Nutrition, the greedy corporation behind the formula shortage) and other Republicans are attacking President Joe Biden and outrageously blaming immigrants for the shortage, suggesting formula should be withheld from babies in detention, which would lead those babies in need of formula to starve. Greg Abbott is not the governor that Texas deserves, and he should resign immediately.

Why is this important?

Greg Abbott is running for a third term this year, and he’s using his office to promote baseless propaganda, instead of working with the administration to act swiftly and decisively to support Texans. Migrant children deserve respect and care, and to blame them instead of corporations falls directly in line with the rising blatant racism and xenophobia from the Republican Party. The corporate monopoly of major formula manufacturers contributed to this crisis—and elected leaders need to break their corporate stranglehold, not scapegoat and harm immigrant families and babies. This callous behavior from Greg Abbott cannot go on, he needs to resign.


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