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To: Senate Majority Leader currently Mitch McConnell

Tell the damn truth!

Tell the damn truth!

Political hyperbole, and an attempt to show facts from a different angle, we all understand and appreciate.

But LIES are unacceptable. Freedom of speech is being abused and it's time that those whom WE PAY to be held to a higher standard. Yes the Supreme Court has ruled on this and it's complicated but it shouldn't be complicated for those we've elected.  We need the Senate to take a fresh look at how this can be implemented.

Let's hold our elected officials accountable for what they say on any public forum, whether Fox News, CNN, Facebook, or any gathering where Americans have been brought together to hear a political message.

UNDER OATH seems to be the only time that the truth comes out. When an elected official speaks on any of these public forums, then they should be prepared to swear that what they have said, is a truthful statement supported by accurate facts.

This change will also allow Facebook and other platforms to change their policies concerning political ads. We need the truth to set us free and end this info-civil-war before it ravages our democracy.

There MUST be consequences for manipulating the American people.

Why is this important?

Our info-civil-war is tearing us apart

How it will be delivered

Deliver in person supported by a press conference

Reasons for signing

  • Enough is enough already. These people with Mitch at the lead are traitors to this country. They are paid to serve OUR interests, NOT THEIRS!!


2020-11-23 12:06:46 -0500

This is a non partisan issue -- we've reached out to our representatives in the Senate, Kamala Harris and DIanne Feinstein, and in the house for our district Jimmy Gomez. We've also reached out to our representatives in California Miguel Santiago and Maria Elena Durazo.

Please help us by reaching out to your local representatives - it's very easy to find them and they all have a link to email them, prominently on their home pages.

Here are the links for Sentate:

For the House:

And for your representatives:

If you are willing to reach out to people you know, we all care about the truth, so please let them know that we need to end this info-civil-war and ensure our democracy for all of us, whatever your view point.

The truth will set us free..

2020-11-22 20:24:36 -0500

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