To: Cable News Network

Tell the Media: War is not entertainment

Stop treating war like entertainment and responsibly report on U.S. military action

Why is this important?

When U.S. presidents order military action, the American people need and deserve a strong, vibrant, and independent news media, one that not only challenges the assumptions that lead us to war, but also one that holds our leaders accountable for the way in which they are conducted.

When President Trump illegally launched military strikes on Syria, and later, when the U.S. military dropped one of the largest conventional weapons in its arsenal on a target in Afghanistan, we witnessed some of the most irresponsible and reckless coverage from the corporate media since they helped President Bush launch the Iraq war.

War is not entertainment. But the media is glorifying Donald Trump’s warmaking, and it’s time we make them stop.


Reasons for signing

  • In depth reporting on diplomatic breakthroughs sells media and draws advertisers. War sensationalism is not necessary to having high demand for media coverage of other topics.
  • Simply barbaric to celebrate vombiinb other countries as a gesture of machismo.
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