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Tell the University of Cincinnati Medical Center: Stop the attack, reinstate Donaldson and rescin...

Nurses voices are under severe attack at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC). On June 11th, the Medical Center, in an egregious and illegal action, fired the Registered Nurses Association VP, Jennifer Donaldson, and placed RNA President Michelle Thoman on a final written warning for making a Facebook Live video in a break room. The university medical center must reinstate Donaldson, rescind the warning against Thoman and listen to the voices of the nurses about what they need to do their job.

Why is this important?

The Medical Center’s actions set a dangerous precedent by disciplining those responsible for representing and communicating the concerns of the nurses. As front-line healthcare providers, it’s a nurse’s responsibility to report unsafe working conditions and detriments to optimal patient care. If nurses cease to advocate for their patients for fear of losing their jobs or nursing licenses, the patients and thus the community are done a disservice with potentially dangerous outcomes. Nurses’ voices are paramount to ensuring safe patient care and their legal right as union members to advocate for changes to their wages and working conditions.

Sign the petition to tell UCMC HR Director Rick Lofgren and UCMC board members to put Jennifer Donaldson back to work, rescind the discipline for Michelle Thoman, and respect the nurses of UCMC’s right to advocate for their patients, their community and for themselves.

Jennifer Donaldson, the fired nurse, was a 28-year Labor and Delivery nurse with no history of disciplinary action. In November 2018, her husband fell and severely broke his leg requiring immediate surgery. He contracted a surgical-site infection and MERSA and has undergone five additional surgeries. Prior to her termination, Jennifer Donaldson was the sole breadwinner, provider of healthcare coverage, and caretaker to her husband.


Reasons for signing

  • It is sooo important to listen to those who know and who are willing to speak up!
  • Listen to your nurses! Patients over profits!
  • Shame on UC for silencing nurses like this.