To: Wallace Loh, President, Michele A. Eastman, Assistant President, The Maryland State House, The Maryland State Senate, and Governor Larry Hogan

Tell UMD they need to hold students accountable for their white supremacy ties.

On May 20th, 2017 Richard Collins III was murdered by a University of Maryland student with white supremacist ties. Tell UMD President Loh that his official statement of condolence is not enough. Black lives need to matter before they're just another statistic. As an institution that prides itself on "ensur[ing] that every student who graduates from UMD will do so informed and motivated to Do Good in their communities and around the world," they must immediately, publicly expel all students with ties to white supremacy or hate groups. Not doing so continues to perpetuate a racist, harassing, detrimental, and harmful learning environment - one that is not in line with the University's mission statement.

Why is this important?

As a veteran who swore to protect and defend this country from all enemies foreign AND domestic, I am appalled that students under the tutelage and austere leadership formation of UMD are not being held accountable for their hate speech and hate embodiment. Black lives matter and they need to matter before they're just another statistic. Until institutions start acting with formidable integrity by living into their call of forming future leaders, words are meaningless and a slap in the face to the families of those who have been killed or harmed. With respect to Richard Collins III, there needs to be an immediate expulsion of all students at UMD with ties to white supremacy. Not doing so makes it known that students who think black lives are meaningless are students that are approved of. As the power dynamic in a covenantal relationship between college and student, colleges cannot allow students that choice while they are aligned with a purportedly healthy mission statement. Doing so puts fellow students and surrounding citizen lives at risk. This cannot continue.


Reasons for signing

  • HF8Svw
  • Protect your students from racism! What a horror the loss of this young life. Stand up to those who propogate hate!
  • To do otherwise is NOT an option.

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