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To: The Entire Human Race


We the People solemnly vow and petition everyone to sign in agreement this pledge: (Those who sign will be considered #HonoraryProselytizers by COPE Ministries though are welcome to disregard the honor and/or title. For more, see

1. Individually and collectively, we the people commit to total equality in the eyes of the law and each other without regard to income, resource distribution, gender, sexual orientation, heritage, religion, and will never oppress nor exploit on the basis of resource distribution regardless of economic position.

2. As public citizens we recognize our full and whole part to maintain civilized society for the greater good and therefore commit to debate controversies and persuade through honest reason rather than emotionally manipulate or deceive ourselves and others to convert to any belief, practice, or lifestyle where critical thinking is discouraged and questioning those claiming to be authorities results in penalty where such authority has not been recognized by We the People.

3. Anyone found violating the spirit or letter of the above vows will at least be deemed a hypocrite and if violating the laws of the jurisdiction you are individually or collectively in, you will be subject to the penalties at law if you have no recognized defenses for your error in judgment.

We the People agree to this social contract and will self-regulate while leading by example in encouraging everyone do the same to avoid penalty above or below.

Why is this important?

This is important because civil discourse is up to all of us and even when people like Alex Jones or myself or Lewis Black get excitable or hyperbolic, you should consider the reason for the outrage or passionate protest and know that we understand our style isn't for everyone and some people can't handle the Truth.

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