To: Donald Trump, President

The resignation of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

We are requesting the resignation of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, for ignoring millions of complaints about removing Net Neutrality and for impeding freedom of speech on the internet.

Why is this important?

The petition is to request the resignation of FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, for impeding freedom of speech on the internet.

By repealing net neutrality, FCC Chairman Aji Pai has also ignored millions of complaints—Republican, Democrat, or otherwise—to give his former employer Verizon and other major internet service providers the right to close off access to information on the World Wide Web. Pai also ignored the fact that millions of fake public comments corrupted the FCC's public process on net neutrality—including 2 million that were allegedly submitted using the stolen identities of real people.

I'm personally outraged that an industry shill like Ajit Pai was allowed to chair the FCC in the first place.

I, and millions of other internet users, will be affected by this decision and be placed behind pay walls set up by telecom corporations.

This will limit the amount of free information that is accessible to millions of people worldwide. If Pai does not want to improve the lives of American's across the country, then he should resign as chairman.